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If you want a standard explanation about Star of Hell We need to look at them from different perspectives. However, the most commonly used aspects to consider the meaning of the Earth Tribulation star are usually the Sign and the Destiny. Join to learn more about the Earth Tribulation star as well as the meanings that also bring about destiny in the article below.

What is the Star of the Earth?

Before we want to know the meanings that Earth Tribulation stars bring to our destiny and signs, we need to understand what Earth Tribulation stars are?

Star of Hell
What is the Star of the Earth?
  • Earth Tribulation Star is considered the strongest killing star in the horoscope and is considered a set of stars that go hand in hand with Khong Kiep.
  • The Earth Tribulation Star is characterized by failure, poverty, accident, deception, agitation, obstacles, and harm.
  • Earth Kiep star is considered as one of the 6 stars in the set of Luc Sac Tinh including Da La, Kinh Duong, Earth Kiep, Earth Air, Mars, and Linh Tinh.
  • Earth Kiep star is one of the four stars Thien Hinh, Thien Rieu, Dia Khong and Diep Kiep.
  • If there is no righteous star in the palace, it is called a poison killer or a fierce way.

The meaning of Earth Kiep star at Destiny

Earth Tribulation Star, once clinging to destiny, is indeed not a good thing. Why do you say so, please read the meaning of Earth Life at par below, you will know for yourself.

Star of Hell
Meaning of the Earthly Tribulation


Fate has a lot of influence on appearance:

  • If the star of the earth tribulation holds the destiny, the skin will be less bright, rosy, and the body will become ugly.
  • He will have a black forehead, many pimples, a broken face, a plowshare.
  • If the guild has a lot of sand crystals, they will have a beautiful face but break the general, often have slanted eyebrows.
Star of Hell
Ugly face, slanted eyebrows


A favorable earth life is a person who is wiser than others, powerful and profound. They are very bold people, dare to speak, dare to do, have profound wisdom but many tricks. These are traits that will be present in both men and women.

Hell, they will be self-suggested, they live selfishly. They often infer the vices of people around them from their own vices, which are wickedness, greed, and cunning.

Star of Hell
A crafty, greedy, wicked person

They are people with opposite personalities from their family members, often stubborn children and often against the words of their parents.

They are often the ones who take risks, think in a scuffle, and get bored with whatever they do. Do everything you want to do quickly, learn to steal, cheat in everything.

Fame, fortune

Those who have the Earth Life in Destiny, even if they have a favorable position when they are in the Destiny, never get the fullness of their fame and career. Their career was explosive, brutal, promoted very quickly but also quickly collapsed. Their money is also up and down, never fully rich.

Star of Hell
Fame quickly fades, money goes up and down

If they don’t have a life, they will be extremely poor and hard-working, they have no career and job to earn a living.

If it is the Khong Kiet, they will be people who, although talented, are not respected, usually only suitable for crafts or manual labor…

Happy life

If it is the Land of Dak Di, their life will be extremely difficult and miserable, their calamity is not so dangerous but only at a potential level. If they were to encounter the killing of the chimpanzees, the destruction would quickly be unleashed.

Star of Hell
Chronic illness

Life is considered as a karmic obstacle, when clinging to one’s destiny, it will cause extremely heavy effects in all aspects such as chronic illness, proletariat, lifelong poverty, lifeless.

The Earth Tribulation will often have bad habits such as smoking, staying up at night, etc., so it will easily lead to diseases that make the body weak, life expectancy is reduced. Moreover, these people are very reckless, greedy, and cunning in everything they do. Sometimes fraud and recklessness can bring them wealth, but only rise and then quickly fade away.

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Earth Tribulation Star and other sets of stars

Below are the information and meanings related to the Earth Tribulation star and the good and bad stars related to the Earth Tribulation star that you should refer to to better understand.

Good set of stars

Why is Diep Kiet favorable when meeting Generals, Ma and Khoa?: People who protect these stars are often talented, they have made great achievements in their careers even in turbulent circumstances.

The Earth Tribulation Star is unique when combined with the Extraordinary Way: Extraordinary ways include Vu, Phu, Tu and favorable Generals, or including Pha, Sat, Kiem, and Tham, with the convergence of favorable sands including Ta, Huu, Viet, Khoi, Xuong, Long, Khuc, Phuong, Dao, Khoa, Hong, Quyen, Loc and those of the most favorable slayers such as Kinh, Khong, Da, Kiep, Tiger, and Fig. This is considered to be the way that the heads and emperors, having all the talents and opportunities, have both good generals and gods to help them, thereby building the regime, the reputation is thus illustrious forever. after..

Star of Hell
Good Star Set

Bad stars

Stars of Earth Kiep, Tu and Thien Phu are in the same position: There will be many ups and downs in the path of fame, career and fortune. If Tu and Phu were to be Tried, the new danger week would lead to danger.

Star Earth Tribulation with Thien Shape, Mars, Da La, Miscellaneous: Will be rich for a while if all are favorable. On the contrary, if together, it will lead to danger to life, career destruction, whole life of heartache. After all, whether it’s a trap or a favorable location, both men and women have a number of husbands and wives.

Star of Hell
Bad Stars

Earth Tribulation and Heaven’s Plan (or Fire): There will be a fire scene such as a fire burn or a house fire. If the Earth Tribulation and Tham Lang are in the same palace, they will have to suffer drowning or be killed in the water, otherwise they will also wander around, easily falling into prison.

Earth Life, Dieu Kha, Cu Mon, Thien Khoc, Truc Phu and Nhat: All these stars represent mourning, disaster, unhappiness and constant sadness.

Meaning of Earth Life in the Signs

After learning about the meaning of the Earth Tribulation stars, we also need to know more about the Earth Tribulation zodiac signs in order to fully understand this Earth Tribulation star.

At the Mother’s Palace

  • Parents will die early, die tragically, be punished by prison and separated.
  • You can’t rely on your parents and even have to bear the genetic debt left behind by your parents.
Star of Hell
Family is separated, in prison

At Quan Loc Palace

  • If you meet the star Diep Kiet in the palace of Quan Loc, your business will not go smoothly, your reputation will be low for a lifetime.
  • Being scorned, despised, never promoted in life.
  • Will lose his job at least once in his life.
  • If the location is favorable, it can be promoted for a while and then perished.
Star of Hell
All my life I was lowly, derided, despised

At the Palace of Evil

  • The Earth Tribulation Star in the Sagittarius sign encounters very serious diseases accompanied by injuries on parts of the body, anyway, it is only a reflection or a reflection.
  • Diep Kiep and Thien Dong: Had to operate on appendix, kidney and gallstones.
  • Earth Tribulation and Emperor: Broken or misaligned spine
  • Earth Life and Happy God: Having large boils on the buttocks and chronic hemorrhoids.
  • Earth Tribulation and Destruction: Having cancer of the throat or sore throat.
  • Earth Life and Thai: The mother intentionally aborts or will have a stillbirth.
  • Earth Tribulation and Cavalry: Poisoned
  • One-handed Earth Life will signal diseases such as lung diseases such as cancer, tuberculosis, and asthma. If the location is favorable, it will be chronically worried.
  • Scabies, boils for a long time do not go away, the disease is getting worse.
Star of Hell
Perpetual Illness

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At Tianyi Palace

  • Having to suffer a tragic death in a foreign land.
  • Being harmed by the enemy such as ambush, assassination.
Star of Hell
Ambushed, assassinated

At Phu The Palace

The Star of Earth Life in Phu The sign will have the following meanings:

  • Widows, widowers, or murderers
  • May not be close, have no family
  • If you have a family, you will experience long-term separation because one of you has an accident.
  • Married 2 or 3 times, but it’s always quick.
Star of Hell
Forest scene of widows, husbands, and wives

At the palace of Tu Tu

The Star of Earthly Tribulation, the sign of Tu Tu, has the following meanings:

  • Being infertile, having no descendants or having little or having to live far away from children.
  • Kill your own children a lot
  • Children can’t be trusted but are also implicated
  • Children go bankrupt with the experience that their parents built
Star of Hell
Infertile, no descendants

At the Palace of Wealth

  • If it is favorable, it will prosper quickly, but only for a while, then it will die very quickly. Often will make money from daring ways such as robbery, smuggling, appropriation or shady such as hoarding fake goods, trading banned national goods.
  • If the land is locked down, it will be poor peasants or proletariat.
Star of Hell
The land is impoverished and proletarian

At Nobu Palace

  • Being harmed, killed or betrayed by a servant
  • Friends cheat, play bad, abuse
  • Humanity exploits, harms or stigmatizes.
Star of Hell
Humanity takes advantage and stigmatizes

At Dien Trach Palace

  • If it is favorable, you will get a property for a while but then buy it again and again.
  • If the land is locked, they will be in a state of proletarianism, or they will be taken over or bankrupt, and encounter real estate disasters such as house collapse and house fire. Often estates are created from shady, daring things.
Star of Hell
Real estate buy and sell, poor

At Phuc Duc Palace

  • If the location is favorable, it will enjoy the fortune for a while and then quickly fade away.
  • If you set the land, you will encounter great misfortune such as the death of the family, decline, encounter with strong religion, career destruction, shortened life expectancy, lifelong illness due to incurable diseases.
Star of Hell
Meet the powerful, the career is destroyed

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Why is Earth Tribulation – Earth Void called One Great Slaughter Star?

It can be said why Earth Space – Earth Life is called One Great Slaughter Star because of the meanings and scope of influence that it brings as follows:


If the stars of Earth Life and Earth Khong are favorable, at fortune and fame will quickly explode, but only for a short time, then will suffer losses, encounter severe diseases of the lungs or boils, will have to leave the country far away.

If the Earth Tribulation and Earth Khong stars fall to the ground, they will face many dangers in all aspects from illness to career path. Mentally, they are seriously ill all year round, physically they suffer from disasters, lose their positions, lose their possessions, fall in love, and will die if the original Nhi Han is bad.

Star of Hell
Earth Void – Earth Tribulation – The Greatest Slaughter Star

It is because when combined, Khong Kiep will bring all the bad things, scary, extremely bad influence on the life path, so it is considered by everyone to be the One Great Slaughter Star.

Sphere of influence

If you make a mistake in the term of Earth Space – Earth Life, you need to be careful in everything, do everything you need to think carefully, avoid impulsive actions, do not appropriate or abuse wealth, it will eliminate a lot of harm. . Much of the disaster’s sphere of influence comes from within itself. Therefore, to narrow the sphere of influence, cultivate from the heart. With peace of mind and virtue, calamities will gradually disappear and all good things will come.

With the information as well as the meaning of Star of Hell presented in the article, it can be seen that this is a bad star and once it is related to any zodiac sign, it will definitely bring disaster. However, the above explanations of are only relative, each person’s destiny depends not only on the stars but also on our own way of life, if we always know how to do many good deeds and accumulate virtue. If you beautify life, then the bad luck will gradually disappear.

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